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Thrudball 2016, a two day Charity Thrud-The-Barbarian themed Bloodbowl tournament run by GCN club B.R.G.A.
Newtown Sports and Social Club 13th-14th August 2016.

70 coach limit, 6 rounds over 2 days, two hours/round.
(FRANK ADD LINK by 30/04/16)

£35 NAF members, £41 Non NAF (includes NAF Membership).
Includes food (Catered by Turners Pies), Accommodation NOT included.

CAN camp at the venue Friday and Saturday night. 24hr access to Toilets & Sinks.
Showers at the Arena Sports Centre (£2 Surcharge).

Reserve  or  Order Tickets from 01/05/16
(FRANK ADD LINK by 30/04/16)

(FRANK ADD LINK to TFF by 30/04/16).

Charities Supported (Profits go to)
45% The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation (Reg. Charity 1046854)
45% The Sussex Snowdrop Trust UK (Reg. Charity 1096622)
10% B.R.G.A. (from 2014, to replace worn boards, scenery, gaming equipment)

Amounts Raised 
£19397.79 (100% of Profits 2006-2013)
£460 (Onesie Wearing 2013, Just Giving direct to RCLCF)
90% of £3950.79  =£3555.72
+ 2015 total, final figure to be advised End April 2016(FRANK ADD LINK by 30/04/16).

Winner, Runner-Up and 4th Place (International Glowworm Award), Best Painted, Stunty Cup, Dockbowl Champion.

(Thrud-The-Barbarian themed) for the above,
PLUS also for:
Best of the Rest (Third Place), Most Sporting, Most Casualties, Most Touchdowns, Best Newcomer, Comeback King, Best BRGAN, Best Thrudling, Best Defence, Most Thrudded (Last Place), International Glowworm Award, Most Thrudlike, Most Fouls – French only, Six Nations Award(Best International Player), and Thrud Gurning Champion.

Charity Auction
Many interesting, unique, Limited Edition, pro-painted Bloodbowl or Gaming related items available to highest bidder!

BRGA Challenge 2016
Something daft to provide entertainment – a challenge to break up the day.
Participation entirely optional, examples:
Gladiators / Sumo Suit / Bullriding Challenge (nominal fee to recoup hire costs)
Fancy Dress Team Water Dodgeball (Water-Balloon CATAPULT Mayhem!)
No-Hands Cake Eating Contest

Sponsored Events (volunteers welcome to participate)
Bush Tucker Trials, Strip Waxing, Pram Races, Parachute Jumps, Onesie Wearing, etc

Bottom four teams after round 5 offered the chance to try All-At-Sea Rules Bloodbowl with daft/fun rules additions.

Wandering Thrud Auction
Each Round bid for the honour of deciding which table Wandering Thrud drunkenly staggers onto (perhaps win a FREE BEER).

Spot Competitions and Prizes

Limited Edition Tournament Merchandise – back on sale as of  01/05/16
(FRANK ADD Merchandise Ordering Page by 30/04/16).

SOLD OUT – Black Thrud Block Dice (2008)

SOLD OUT – Red Thrud Block Dice (2011)
SOLD OUT Vinyl “Cheerleader” BRGABabe Board (2011)

SOLD OUT Belly Smalls – Halfling Overeater Deathball (2012)
SOLD OUT  Vinyl “VampRef” BRGABabe Board (2012)

AVAILABLE – BRGAballs (2010, but 100 MOQ…)

AVAILABLE – Maude “Du Chocolat” Rosbif, Halfling Cake Thrower (2013)

AVAILABLE – Cubby Longvine , Wardrobe of DOOM!!!! (Formerly a Treeman – 2014)
AVAILABLE – Aang Gree, Zombie-Pirate-Ghostie-Type-Thing (2014)

AVAILABLE – Beeblekin Feeble & Halfletta Choux – Halfling DeathTrike (2015)
AVAILABLE – Chester Gorgon, Nubian Flesh Golem Pirate (2015)
AVAILABLE – Vinyl “Nursie” BRGABabe (seeing Stars) Board (2015)
AVAILABLE – 10th Anniversary Beer-Roll Metal Counter (2015)

Thrud’s creator Carl Critchlow backs this event.

These Three BRGANs run the event as from 2016:

  • Wayne “Jimmy Jazz” Johnston
  • Richard “TweetyRawdon” Billingshurst
  • Jim “eviljimsmonkey” Turner
    to promote Bloodbowl and good fun!!

Here’s a link to the old Website, which the former Event organiser Frank Hill will over time try to boil down into an archive of “Best Bits Pics”.

BRGA Webmaster & Giraffe.