Pre-Order ONLY – Thrudball 2017 Platinum Player Pack


ONLY 1 AVAILABLE – Pre-order by 01/08/17 only

Consists of:

2 Thrudball dice,
1 Thrudball 2017 Ball Counter,
3 Thrudball 2017 reroll counters,
A counter/dice bag,
A vinyl pitch
Thrudball 2017 weather counters
Three Thrudball 2017 block dice,
Any colour Thrudball 2017 tshirt that you like with your NAF name on the back,
all 6 Thrud star players (Ang Gree, Chester, Cubby, Belly Smalls, Maude Rost Bif and Beeblekin Feeble)
10 raffle tickets.

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