Belly Smalls


Belly Smalls (version 2) – Halfling Deathball

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Belly Smalls (version 2) – Halfling Deathball


Q: How does Belly’s move and blocking work? Is there an order of things?

A: Belly’s movement and blocking works as follows:
1) Choose a direction for Belly to move in (straight lines only with no diagonals), and roll on the throw in chart to see which direction he is going.
2) Move Belly his full movement.
3) Any player moved over by Belly will be blocked, regardless of the result of the blocks. Any player that is hit and is already prone or stunned, roll straight for armour (and injury if necessary). Note: Belly does not push any player unless a push result is chosen. If Belly finishes his move upon a player, that player will be pushed as per normal blocking rules. A player may only be hit once per turn by Belly.
4) If Belly has to take a Defender down result at any time, place Belly prone in the square he would have ended up in prior to rolling armour and injury. Note, he still hits all players in the line.
5) If Belly’s movement takes him off the pitch, roll for injury as normal.

6) If Belly gets knocked down, goes off the pitch, or breaks a team-mates armour, it causes a turn over.