The following coaches have signed up to this years Thrudball. Note, payment for tickets and rosters sent in by 28/07/17 get the Early Bird Bonuses.

Nag Thor87 on TFF or email HERE if your name should be on this list and isn’t…

As of 12/07/17:


# Nickname Notes Club Early Bird
0 SPARE PLAYER Ticket Roster
1 Thor87 CheezBRGA Yes Yes
2 fallingdownjoe TBC Yes Yes
3 Ghostblaster HamBRGA Yes Yes
4 Glowworm Referee ABAO Yes Yes
5 Cookie Elephant&Sandcastle Yes Yes
6 Mawph TBC Yes Yes
7 Heff Elephant&Sandcastle Yes Yes
8 Stowelly Elephant&Sandcastle Yes Yes
9 MonkeyTrumpet TBC Yes Yes
10 Portsmouth HamBRGA Yes Yes
11 Sann0638 SAWBBL Yes Yes
12 Dementor Thrudling SAWBBL Yes Yes
13 Enderman Thrudling SAWBBL Yes Yes
14 Nazgob ABAO Yes Yes
15 scotthabanero HamBRGA Yes Yes
16 Touchdown Yes Yes
17 MaD975 International Yes
18 Ninjagosplat CheezBRGA Yes Yes
19 Twelfman ABAO Yes Yes
20 Rubick BUBBA Yes No
21 Landrover Referee CheezBRGA Yes Yes
22 Azlann Elephant&Sandcastle Yes Yes
23 Johnberwyn Newcomer HamBRGA Yes Yes
24 Buggritt SAWBBL Yes Yes
25 Nagrom SAWBBL No No
26 Sabellida Newcomer HamBRGA Yes Yes
27 Mystery Guest No No
28 Gimli01 Newcomer Solent Yes No
29 Legolas Thrudling SAWBBL Yes Yes
30 Giraffe CheezBRGA Yes Yes
31 ddark Yes No
32 Mr Frodo Team Elite Yes Yes
33 BDOW Thrudling Yes Yes
34 peterd International Yes Yes
35 Kfoged Yes Yes
36 SCS_Sam Yes Yes
37 Hawk BUBBA No
38 Wobert Team Elite Yes Yes
39 Oon International Lutece Yes Yes
40 Funny Valentine International Lutece Yes Yes
41 Pedro International Lutece Yes Yes
42 Budmilka International Lutece Yes Yes
43 Old Dwarf International Lutece Yes Yes
44 Laraigne International Lutece Yes Yes
45 lgmdaniel Newcomer Solent No No
46 Cornish Team Elite Yes Yes
47 Tank15 No
48 Grumbledook CheezBRGA Yes Yes
49 Itchen Solent Yes Yes
51 Merrick ABAO Yes Yes
52 Nightwing No
53 Lycos No